ViP - Corporate Spiritual Coaching restructures, activates and focuses

The ViP offer consist of 6 months unlimited Corporate Spiritual Coaching. The ViP offer also include a private 3-day ViP Retreat at our farm at Orust in Sweden. This retreat will to a great extent be adopted to your wishes and needs and will be wonderful days to disconnect from your normal world and immerse yourself in a new. You will connect more strongly to your intuition, explore and go deeper into your spiritual life experience and link it to your everyday life.

Life is a series of experiences from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep at night. How we label, conceptualize and hold true as good and bad, right and wrong will determine the emotion of our experiences. You have the choice to more deliberately take control of this process.

Corporate Spiritual Coaching is not a course, it is a personal path that awaken your true power to take control and full responsibility for the happiness, love and freedom that you choose to experience in your life

Currage, strength and focus

It requires courage and strength to choose to reevaluate concepts you have held true and it is through your free will that you pick new impressions that will form your new “truths”. The spiritual growth is individual and does not necessarily follow any specific patterns.

This means that the journey that you embark upon, when travelling ViP, is about creating an expanded understanding of who you are and the purpose you have in the moment and in your life. You may also choose to expand your view of what the outer world is reflecting back to you each moment, so that you can have a constructive and intuitive dialogue about your current experience.

The investment you are making to travel VIP without limitations during six months is 55.000 SEK incl. VAT

Sign up through contacting me directly on the phone or via e-mail. Contact details are found below.

The journey start with a first free booked call/meeting where you can describe where you are today and what rough wishes you have with the coaching. We agree on a start date for your ViP period. For you to get the maximum out of these six months of unlimited Corporate Spiritual Coaching you are expected to commit to your development process.

You are not alone on this jourrney!

Our meetings can be face to face at Orust in Sweden or via Skype or other media form. You make your appointment (normally 1-2 hours) through agreed message service sms, Facebook, WhatsApp…). My intention is to be able to offer you a call or meeting as close as possible to your need, in the best of worlds immediately.

Your private 3-days ViP-retreat is located at the farm on Orust in Sweden. The environments are beautiful, comfortable, relatively simple and in nature. Time will be spent both indoors and outdoors, so bring suitable clothes and something to sit on outdoors. Food and accommodation is included. We will agree on suitable dates for your retreat. Normally it is arranged workdays where Day 1 start at 12.00 noon and Day 3 ends at 4pm. 

Welcome to start your ViP journey with Corporate Spiritual Coaching!