Personal Coach

As your Personal Coach I wish to meet you where you are i.e. we meet in happiness and enthusiasm or in sadness and sorrow or we meet frustration and anger. I love the genuine and honest meeting, all is the way it should be and we take it as it comes.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got

Photo: Camilla Ekendal

Coaching is no therapy and no counseling. Coaching is the meeting with yourself, as shallow or deep as you wish to let yourself surface.

Coaching is a quick look in the review mirror and then turning all focus on what you really want. I am with you all the way and guide you on the journey you have decided to take.

In the safe space that is created in our meetings you have fantastic insights to look forward to, insights that will help you to achieve what you want. I am alongside you and make sure we stick to your chosen path, I make sure you bring home what you want from each meeting.

Personal Coaching - Our Meeting

We meet over the phone, via Skype or in person in Henån, Sweden. To get all the is and is not’s about coaching please follow this link to the draft coaching agreement.

Please fill in and submit below form and I will get back to you with two suggestion on meeting times. If you have any question you can use the same form or contact me directly, contact details are found at the bottom of this page.

* Obligatorisk/required info.


  • Single meeting: 1250 SEK.
  • Coach Package 5: Five 1-hour meetings for 5000 SEK (can be shared with family and friends). 
  • Coach Package 10: Ten 1-hour meetings for 9000 SEK (can be shared with family and friends).
  • One year coaching: As many meetings as you wish for 19000 SEK (valid for one person, 12 months from first meeting).

Payment is done after the first meeting, when you have decided the Coach Package. Prices are including VAT.

Coaching leading to

Here are a few things Personal Coaching can lead to also for you.

  • Development of the Personal Leadership, Self Mastery
  • Get rid of life long phobias with the “NLP phobia cure”
  • Replace attention on the unwanted with focus on the wanted
  • Attractive future; positivity, enthusiasm, motivation, energy
  • Harmony, relaxation, stress release
  • Access wanted resources where they are needed
  • Replace unwanted behaviors with wanted behavior
  • Increased self-confidence, self-esteem, independence
  • Sense of safety, trust and faith

Photo: Camilla Ekendal


Real experiences (memories) and imagined experiences (fantasy) share the same neurology and can therefore have the same behavioral influence.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming; Neuro refer to the brain, Linguistic refer to language and Programming to installation of a procedure or plan. NLP is the study of how the verbal and nonverbal language affect our nervous system. It is built on the study of how man communicate with themselves to produce the most resourceful state that in turn lead to the largest number of behavioral choices. 

In the beginning NLP was used in therapy where successful therapist could transfer years of experience to colleagues through NLP models. In the early days a few lucky business executives got access to the NLP technique. Today NLP is more commonly used in coaching, performance psychology, sales and leadership.

So, with the help from NLP models we can reprogram ourselves within a number of areas to create the best possible circumstances and to get our body and mind to work for us on our way to our goal, our wish. A few examples can be to change unwanted behavioral patterns, create a wanted recourse in a specific situation, replace limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, create resourceful states such as motivation and enthusiasm, get rid of lifelong phobias. The list can be made long. 

I look forward to meet you and play my part on your journey, in your personal development and to see you reach your goal.