Corporate Spiritual Coaching

Corporate Spiritual Coaching restructures, activates and focuses

We live in a time where more and more people are waking up to a need to nurture some inner part of ourselves. We spend time in different environments that are more or less favorable to satisfy this inner part. Many of us are looking at and finding activities such as yoga, self-aid-literature or mindfulness helpful. This spiritual part of ourselves are looking to express itself and in the process creating inner conflicts since the business world, as it is today, is not a typical environment to nurture our spiritual needs.

You are probably not experiencing balance between your family and work life today. There may be tension is some of your relations, both at home and at work. You may feel misunderstood and there may be dealing with feelings of frustration and guilt. You may have a fine career, good salary and benefits, you may live in a nice area with a nice family.

You may have lots of nice “toys” to play with, but there may still be a feeling inside that something is missing in your life. It might be difficult to say exactly what it is that you are missing but you know you are experiencing feelings of stress, prestation anxiety and not being enough anywhere. 

Are you starting to question the leadership culture or the communication in general at your company or at your work? Perhaps you have experienced a subtle shift within that make you uncomfortable with this culture. You may have started to realize that there is an inner starving part of you, that is not getting nurtured as required in your current lifestyle. Perhaps this realization makes you feel a bit lost and lonely, since there is no one around to share your thoughts with. You may even have started to live a double life in order to hide your spiritual needs from family and work.

Corporate Spiritual Coaching is not a course, it is a personal path that awaken your true power to take control and full responsibility for the happiness, love and freedom that you choose to experience in your life

What is it that you really want?

You want to feel like you are enough, appreciated and loved. You want to set healthy boundaries for your self and towards others and be confident that this is beneficial for all involved. You want to experience a balanced material and spiritual wealth, which is manifested as harmony within and in your relations.

When you have reached your goal in terms of self-mastery and personal leadership you will experience true success, this is where your previous dreams are lived in this now moment. You will feel proud about yourself, the person behind all facades, labels, judgements and thoughts. You are filled with life and living according to your higher purpose that started to become been clear when you took the decision to walk your true path. You are experiencing spiritual peace, joy and love. This leadership creates harmony and purpose for you, your family, friends and your business. You have realized that you are making an infinite difference for people and business structures just by living as the one you are, in physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Who you are

You are a person that energetically resonate with what you have read so far. You carry a longing to make a bigger difference for humanity. You probably find yourself in the corporate business world or within state organizational structures, in roles where you interact with other people as MD’s, managers, in sales or in project groups. You are prestige-less and have realized or are willing to explore the fact that all men and women carry different unique talents that only to a limited level is given the opportunity to bloom in the roles held at this moment.

The creative intelligence

The difference between normal intelligence and the intelligence of a genius is said to be the ability for a genius to get in touch with its intuition, “the creative infinite intelligence”. This ability takes the genius beyond modifying existing concepts and ideas to accessing new, virgin, ideas and information through intuition.

One important part of the work we will be doing via Corporate Spiritual Coaching is too by different means accessing and developing trust in the contact with the often under-utilized intuition, our “sixth sense”. So, if you feel enthusiasm while reading words you may be one who is called to develop and implement the Balanced Spiritual Leadership.

Corporate Spiritual Coach - travel ViP or with yourTribe

You can choose to travel ViP, alone with your Corporate Spiritual Coach at your side. Or you can choose to connect to yourTribe, which is a group of individuals like yourself that will form a “Master Mind Group” together. This is a group that has realized the power that can be extracted from the group when developing the new personal leadership. 

Whatever way you choose, you have found a place where you can develop your personal leadership to new sustainable levels of mutuality and growth for all. This leadership is absolute cutting edge since it is born directly from the consciousness you are opening up to through your inner work in presence. It is drawn from the wisdom of your inner source, your intuition, that you are now nurturing and allowing yourself to explore.

  • Follow this link to read more about ViP
  • Follow this link to read more about yourTribe

Balanced Spiritual Leadership

I choose to organize Corporate Spiritual Coaching based on the experiences I have gathered over the years. I have been in business for more than 20 years and have held different positions such as Technical Manager, KAM and Managing Director. These years have offered me important experience about corporate systems and structures, where I have created my image of what works and doesn’t work.

These evaluations have been personal and taught me great lessons; to listen to and follow my intuition, to stay true and gather courage to verbalize both the “goods” and “bads”. It has truly been a great university of live that has accelerated my spiritual development and I have consciously used these years to test out scientific and spiritual concept on my own life experience. If interested there is more reading under About Pär.

I know that not everyone will follow a similar path as mine, ending up working outside of the classical business or state system. I know that many of us instead has a mission to implement the new balanced and sustainable leadership system as part of these structures, with a purpose to create a rapid positive change from within.

I know that this mission is very important and that it takes brave and principled women and men with strong integrity and endurance to perform this task. This is people with unwavering will and focus to create important positive change for themselves, their family and colleagues.

It is both through individual and mutual efforts with like minded people that we will create the necessary shift where the mental orientation can dissolve with our hearts desire in order to create true reciprocity, cooperation, appreciation, freedom and equality.

This is the foundation of the new Balanced Spiritual Leadership