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It is not reality that limits us humans, it is rather our beliefs about our reality,
or our belieifs about the present situation, that limits us

The basic biological building blocks of man are basically the same, yet we still see how some people seem to succeed with almost anything they undertake while others struggle to get the smallest thing in life to work satisfactory. What is it that separate these people?

The state we are in govern who we interpret a situation. Our interpretation of the situation will present to us different ways we can act. It is finally our actions that will create our result – what we experience.

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To illustrate this, imagine a situation where a colleague arrives 15 minutes late to an appointment. In one case you have had a wonderful successful day and you feel filled with enthusiasm and creativity. In the other case you have encountered difficulty after difficulty ever since you got out of bed in the morning and your state is best described as impatiently frustrated.

In the first case you probably think that there is a reasonable explanation for being late and you meet your colleague with understanding and lenience. This leads to a continued positive feeling and a really good meeting. In the second case your thoughts have circled around disrespect and that your pressured time isn’t honored. Therefore, you meet your colleague reproachfully and in irritation which obviously lead to a really bad meeting.

This very simple example illustrates how different states and beliefs will lead to different actions and in the end different experiences.

By observing people we consider successful in their respective areas, we can model their recipe for success. A few general keys are the rescores these people have available in different situations. We can see this through describing their states, their passions and energy. We can also see that trough their beliefs, values and faith in these situations. When we use these traits on ourselves we can maximize our results and or experiences.

The nice thing is that most of the time we do not have to look at the “stars” for resources, we can use our own resources from different experiences. The brain is very plastic and moldable so we can actually copy resources that we have in certain situations and paste them into situations where we need them. We are no victims of circumstances - we can take control!

On demand, we can access the most resourceful state for any given situation and we can adjust our beliefs and values so that it creates the best possible conditions for us to reach our goal or have the most fantastic experience. This is where NLP come into play…


NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming; Neuro refer to the brain, Linguistic refer to language and Programming to installation of a procedure or plan. NLP is the study of how the verbal and nonverbal language affect our nervous system. It is built on the study of how man communicate with themselves to produce the most resourceful state that in turn lead to the largest number of behavioral choices. 

In the beginning NLP was used in therapy where successful therapist could transfer years of experience to colleagues through NLP models. In the early days a few lucky business executives got access to the NLP technique. Today NLP is more commonly used in coaching, performance psychology, sales and leadership.

So, with the help from NLP models we can reprogram ourselves within a number of areas to create the best possible circumstances and to get our body and mind to work for us on our way to our goal, our wish. A few examples can be to change unwanted behavioral patterns, create a wanted recourse in a specific situation, replace limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, create resourceful states such as motivation and enthusiasm, get rid of lifelong phobias. The list can be made long. 

The Moments in life

Our day is divided into different segments of; family, work, school, friends, vacation, sports etc. What recourses do we need to experience what we miss in different segments or situations? Whatever we wish for, we already carry the recourses we need within. Sometimes we can just need some assistance and guiding along the way to find what we want.    

That is what I am passionate about, to help and guide people in companies or in private to find their answers through work with their personal leadership, the self-mastery.

Photo: Ausangate 4800 m.a.s.l. - Peru 2017

Where we are with our personal leadership is reflected by the way we communicate with ourselves, colleagues, family and friends. It can mean that we find that some adjustments are needed to experience more smoothness and more of the wanted positive. Personal leadership is about getting to know yourself better. When recourses and insights about necessary changes comes from within each person it has the most powerful potential for lasting effect. This same principle is applicable in leadership teams, teams and work groups.

I look forward to working with you, with you in your business and with your employees!
I love witnessing positive change.