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"People already have all the resources they need"

To keep and to develop the capital that the employees actually represent to the business is important and it becomes more important each year. We have a large generation that is phasing out from the work market and a smaller one the way out on the market. We have the “Millenium Generation” with new values and demands. What adjustments are needed in companies? We see an increase in competition for the competence.

High staff turnover and sick leaves has a cost not just financially, but also as increased pressure on the employees left at work and also as reduced service to customers. Stress and stress related illnesses continues to increase, the reasons are difficult to pin down to one cause but studies point towards the important influence of the work place.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is a term used more and more these days and it refers to both internal marketing to keep employees (competence) and external marketing to attract the right competence.

What can you to have your employees recommend your company to their family and friends?

The simple and obvious answer would be to offer nice employment terms, fitness checks etc. But a big part will be to work with the “soft topics” in Employer Branding such as well-being and a sense of security at the work place as well as working with the human recourses such as engagement, motivation, creativity and values.

See Nawi-Flow as a resource in handling the soft topics of Employer Branding

Work engagement

Gallup studies of employee engagement in 140 countries show that as little as 13% of employees are engaged in their work. In western Europe the engagement is down to 10%. This is alarming to say the least, the dominant part of the staff is not engaged in their work. When studying the top 25% of the companies with highest engagement to the bottom 25% of the companies. The top 25% of the companies has:

  • 17% higher productivity
  • 22% higher profitability
  • 40-50% lower theft and safety incidents

On the back side of engagement, as many as 22% employees are so disengaged that they actually are working against the best interest of the company.

Above numbers are striking and personal reflection is advised in order to assess the level of engagement that we experience as leaders and managers as well as the level of engagement the employees experience.

Engagement is an emotional state that effects the experience throughout the entire organization. It is “contagious”, meaning that  highly engaged or disengaged leaders, managers and employees will strongly influence its surroundings. To actively work to improve the level of engagement in the company has obvious benefits, as shown above, but it also holds great potential to create positive side effects such as reduced stress, improved sense of security and wellbeing.

Business Coach - Arrangement

Photo: Camilla Ekendal

I will come to you for a first meeting where we will look at what you would like to accomplish with the coaching. We make our coaching agreement. Business Coaching can include:

  1. Individual coaching at the company
  2. Team coaching
  3. Coaching specified according to your specific wishes.
  4. Sponsored coaching of individuals at my reception

Prices 2018
Half day at your company: 5000 SEK + travel expences (by car 3,10 SEK/km)
Full day at your company: 10000 SEK + travel expences (by car 3,10 SEK/km)
Sponsored coaching at my reception: 5000 SEK for 5 timmar
(Priser exkl. moms)

Contact me in below form or using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Stress is a complex problem and it is difficult to derive its cause to one isolated source, but studies point at the importance of the workplace. Statistics from the Swedish Insurance Agency show that the number of sick leaves increased in the period between 2010-2015 by 98.000 and that 40% of the sick leaves was related to stress. The National Board of Health are referencing to a number of methods for treatment of stress and refer to counseling around life style to be of importance.

Individual communication and clarity around values and beliefs surrounding different aspects of a person's life-situation, where work is only one part of the life puzzle, will allow for an important overview of the life experience. Possibilities for adjustments of both limiting beliefs and behaviors will open up through insights and a more expanded understanding of the life experience. This is one way as a company to work proactively with stress. By removing negative stress in the organization well-being and productivity will increase.

See Nawi-Flow as a resource in stress reduction

The goal with Coaching

Business Coaching can include focus on safe and comfortable management with a clear and transparent anchoring in company values and goals. Coaching can also be to target clear personal targets, remove obstacles, to set attractive milestones and to summon strong motivation to get started with a winner’s mindset.

Coaching will in most cases lead to better understanding of yourself and your thoughts, values and beliefs in any given situation, this is an important part of the personal leadership. For some it may lead to better understanding of how to tap into the inner potential, for others it could lead to better self-confidence, initiative strength. For a team it could mean well defined roles and mission, an increased will to cooperate, team spirit.

See Nawi-Flow as a means to enhance individual recourses - facilitating reaching individual and company goals

The soft topics in Employer Branding

We can look at Business Coaching as a fantastic tool for staff well-being. Coaching has the potential for strong stress prevention, improved self-image, improved communication, understanding and productive priorities. It facilitates for the individual to access engagement, motivation, positivity, sense of security and general increased well-being at work. The employees will gain access to more of their recourses, which should lead to a smoother and more productive organization. The positive effect will be like ripples on water and reach outside the work place.

Successful work with these soft topics of Employer Branding will offer really good possibilities to receive recommendations of your company, by your own employees.

Photo: Camilla Ekendal

Powerful coaching and NLP tools, used in security and presence will assist in highlighting your true needs and wishes. With a strong anchor in your real life situation, your wishes will have the strongest potential to create lasting and wished for change, while experiencing motivation and enthusiasm in the process.

I look forward to our first meeting!