Ascension Coach

Photo: Salkantay 4300 m.a.s.l, Peru 2015

As your Ascension Coach I offer you an holistic approach to help you achieve your specific changes or goals. This means that sustainable change is best reached by creating balance and harmony in the whole you, meaning your physical-, mental-, and emotional body.

Obviously, we are as beings much more complex than that but to simplify, these are the parts that interact with each other and the external world (family, friends, situations etc.) to give us our experience of life.

Looking for help with: stress, anger, frustration, unworthiness, shame, guilt, fears, unwanted behavioral patterns or habits, lifestyle changes etc.

You may have a feeling of not being in control or having general disorder in your life, you may have a sense that a change must be made but you do not know what you need to do or where to start. Or you may have a sense that your conscious personal development work is being hindered by the intense speed and stressful situations that life is putting you through, leading to a feeling of falling back into old unwanted habits or a feeling that your personal development is on a reverse path.

You may have attended a fantastic course where the subject was so wide and overwhelming that you feel you need help to sort and integrate the knowledge instead of letting it all go to waste. Or, you many have a well-defined target or change you want implemented in life and need help with motivation and best way forward.

Through intuitive guiding and coaching you will create a soft flexible structure of order where disorder has been experienced. It will make you more conscious and present in everyday life and it will make your choices and ways to prioritize more visual for you. Our focus will be on identifying and make your goal sharp, clear and in harmony with the whole you. We will identify the tools you need to be able to maintain this focus while navigating through every day life’s distractions.

Photo: Camilla Ekendal

If what you doesn't work, do something else

As Ascension Coach I will intuitively work with tools such as coaching methods, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), intuitive healing, energetic body balancing and an holistic micro-macro perspective on our physical body, thoughts, emotions, situations, life and beyond, that will be valuable aid for your understanding and to facilitate change.

We meet over the phone, via Skype or in person in Henån, Sweden. Please fill in and submit below form and I will get back to you with two suggestion on meeting times. If you have any question you can use the same form or contact me directly, contact details are found at the bottom of this page.

* Obligatorisk/required info.

Photo: Salkantay 4300 m.a.s.l, Peru 2015


  • Single meeting: 1250 SEK.
  • Coach Package 5: Five 1-hour meetings for 5000 SEK (can be shared with family and friends). 
  • Coach Package 10: Ten 1-hour meetings for 9000 SEK (can be shared with family and friends).
  • One year coaching: As many meetings as you wish for 19000 SEK (valid for one person, 12 months from first meeting).

Payment is done after the first meeting, when you have decided the Coach Package. Prices are including VAT.

What to expect from your Ascension Coach sessions

  • To realize deeper layers of yourself than your every-day contemplations would do.
  • New ways to approach the daily routine, every day will always be the container of the path to your goal.
  • Ease and more harmony.
  • A personally adopted structure with a holistic focus on your goal.
  • To work with milestones, tasks and to have things to be attentive of in between sessions.
  • Follow up and guiding around consequences of changes.
  • To gain understanding of what you need to do to experience more harmony in life – personal development.
  • To achieve your wish, your goal.

Ascension in brief

As Ascension Coach I am not performing any therapy and it’s method is not linked to any religion or belief system. We will take off from the situation as presented in the now and set a strong focus on the goal and motivation. Our personal history will always be a part of us but we have an option to change our relation to it.

To live your history is to steal from your future

The only time we live is now and the road to fully understand that is through ascension - an increased consciousness. We all carry different levels of consciousness; from people that are absorbed in the logical and physical concepts of self and the world, to people with different levels of self-awareness and understanding of behavior, thoughts and emotions and how they affect their life experience – all the way to and beyond the enlightend man, that has understood and cleared all the mazes, created by the ego-mind structure, in the physical-, mental- and emotional bodies.

As we ascend, we are not creating something new within ourselves, something that we do not already possess - instead we are lifting vails of limiting concepts from our life experience. We already possess all the resources that we require, but may sometime feel the need for guidance to gain access to them.

I trust we are here to fully integrate the knowledge that life can be lived without limitations; in ease, harmony and love. When we see through what is experienced as resistance in life and choose the path of least emotional resistance for ourselves, then we take another step up the ascension ladder.