About Pär

What I love

Photo : Machu Picchu, Peru 2015

I love working with companies who sees the value of its employees and chooses to actively work to create a work environment and atmosphere that lead to well being and stimulate involvement by the staff.

I love witnessing people coming to important insights about themselves and their life. I love being part of the process where people take decision that lead to crucial and positive effects on their experience of themselves, the family, the work or another important situation.

I love change that lead people to connecting to their potential, enthusiasm and creativity. I love witnessing how beliefs can change from causing pain and suffering to causing a light mind and happiness.

My Professional Background

I have during most of my career worked in the industry. With a background as chemist I have worked in small companies to multinational corporations and have held positions as Managing Director, KAM, Account Manager, Purchase, Technical Manager, R&D and production. I have during these years met with a lot of people on different company levels in many different organizations.

It is people and people’s thoughts and behaviors that has interested me the most the past 10 years which has led to intense self-studies most of my free time. In addition I have participated in different courses to develop my own personal leadership and personal development. The studies of NLP and coaching has made it possible for me to bring together my different experiences into one very useful and powerful methology.

- Proffesionell Coach och NLP Business Communication Practitioner -

Life is exciting

Meeting people is interesting. Thoughts, values and beliefs are interesting.

Experiencing different cultures around the world is interesting. Meeting different cultures at home is interesting.

I find it interesting to explore my own limits by different means. In the past it could be exploring physical limits through long distance running, skiing or bicycling. Lately I have been more interested in exploring the area of the mind, thoughts, emotions.

Life is exiting!

Photo: Salkantay 4600 m.a.s.l. Peru 2015

I am personally convinced that each of us carry an incredible potential that is just waiting to get explored and tapped into. I am convinced that this potential will lead to more satisfaction, happiness, safety and positive flow in life.